David Bell Examines Branding Opportunities for 2021

January 28, 2021

David Bell has worked with many different companies over the years to help expand their branding and marketing reach. And during the year 2021, with the Coronavirus and other issues still so prevalent, David Bell, former Professor of Wharton School of Business, recently examined a handful of different branding possibilities that can transform your company during this strange time.

David Bell Examines a Few Ways to Expand Your Brand

In 2021, your company will have a lot of time to rethink its brand and try to make it more on-point and adaptable. In particular, David Bell believes that logo adaptability will be one of the most significant possibilities for your company this year. This term is one David Bell utilizes to discuss the different ways you can change up your logo to integrate it on many platforms.

First of all, David Bell states that it is important not to change your logo too much. The logo should be uniform with other designs but can be tweaked based on size, complexity, and colors utilized. For instance, David Bell suggests using brighter colors on online platforms to make your logo stand out and make your brand more adaptable to this unique environment and market situation.

And during this time of great upheavals, David Bell also suggests stripping back a little and simplifying your brand. As you expand your business and attempt to make it more branching, there’s a possibility that you’ve complicated your branding. This mistake is common, as many companies change their logo, tweak their marketing focus, or even adjust their product offerings.

However, this complexity can confuse your old customers and drive new ones away by muddying the waters on your branding purpose. David Bell suggests taking a step back this year and thinking about what message you want to send. Do you feel like your branding is on-point, or are there too many other messages being sent? David Bell suggests peeling back all but one or two messages this year.

And rethink your branding approach by fully understanding your market. For instance, David Bell sees many nostalgia-based companies creating branding opportunities that tap into memories of the past. Nostalgia is a powerful market force – think of those vinyl figures of pop culture icons and how they fly off the shelves and keep many niche shops in business around the nation.

In essence, you want to create a customer-driven branding experience that focuses on the wants and needs of those who buy from you. David Bell suggests holding various types of tests and surveys with your customers, examining different elements of their lives. You can then adjust your campaigns to meet their needs, David Bell says, allowing you to succeed in this field.